Homeless Heartbreak

Grace and mercy are two of my most important gifts in life. As a spiritual man, I consider both of these as Godly … Just as peace, patience, goodness, kindness and self-control.

With grace and mercy, I believe and am thankful for my lot in life. While I work to improve, I stay grounded.

When I was a Freshman in college, I lived down the hall from a guy who was a State judge’s son.  He was well groomed, always friendly, and aspired high to complete a rigorous Mathematics degree… Pre Engineering path.

His room mate that year is now an Engineer and finished a Ph.D at GeorgiaTech.  My my my, how two roads diverge into the woods.

About 10 years ago, a foul smelling and unkept guy came up to me and called my name. It was him. The judge’s son and the guy who was banging out A’s in calculus like it was child’s play.

He was not homeless.  But he was strung out on some kind of dope.

I saw him again a few years ago. As I had before, I tried to encourage him. “… Life is short… It is never too late to save yourself man” was again the same advice.  He was in denial that he had an issue.

Last week, as I drove down a busy street in East Atlanta, I saw him again. This time, he was wrapped in blankets.

I drove by him with my kids in the car, guilty, as I had no time to stop this time. I prayed a quick prayer for him and then for my kids and their future choices… And for their continual favor, grace, and mercy.

Could I have done more?  Yes, if I had taken a more pro-active approach to helping him with his accountability to his own self.

Could his parents have done more? As a parent, I do the best I can to guide and direct decisions and the growth of common sense. But out of my care, and it is grace and mercy that will carry them through this life. Maybe they had already tried. Who knows?

I am hopeful that my homeless associate will also get his fair share of grace and mercy.

Today, be thankful for choices. Work hard at making the very best ones.  Then, when you’ve done all you can… quietly smile when grace and mercy carry you through, when your choices did not carry you to the place where you thought they would.